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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Don't think my butt will recover LOL

So, I'm finally moved, and as settled in as I can (except for lack of furniture lol)..

I am desperatly in need of a new computer desk and chair...I have this old desk, which is ok.. but doesn't have room for all my junk....then I'm using a dining room chair, which I gotta say is like sitting on the floor it's so damn hard.. I have pillow under my butt and behind my back... so I'm not right on top of the computer screen I have a t.v. table (folding table) on the side for my mouse..and the only way I can type properly is with keyboard on lap, one leg on the table and one leg on a footstool... Can you even picture that??? LOL.. Every so often my butt and/or legs fall asleep... and I hate that.. it HURTS!!!

So hopefully soon I'll be able to find a decent desk and chair..cause frankly this sucks LOL..

I need couches... a loveseat for my den and a nice couch for my living room... thinking black leather couch for living room... Did find a reallllly nice red leather chair at Ikea that I'll probably get..

The pantry that I got as an extra was done wrong..so I still have a lot of my kitchen stuff at my parents since I have no room in my kitchen without the pantry..

Now for the good stuff..... I luv luv luv having a washer/dryer in my condo..I've done like 10 loads of laundry (probably washed stuff that didn't need it) since I've been here (a little over a week).. done two loads in the dishwasher.. when you're only one person, takes a bit to fill up lol....

My walk in closet is AMAZING... it's soooooo big....

I guess this is turning out to be a boring read... well I made no promises that this blog would be full of exciting stuff... but who knows what the future will bring eh!... Once I learn how to do stuff in here, like add pictures it'll bound to be more fun (one can hope lol)... Also now that I'm more settled in I'll try to post more...

For now.. must give my butt a break!!! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I should have done stuff tonight!

I still have stuff to pack and only 2 1/2 days now to do it in... well one evening... one day and then half a day lol...

I did accomplish something today... did address change for license and health card and got key cut...OH that reminds me.. gotta tell this funny story lol...

About a week ago I noticed that I lost the key to my locker (and locker room).. so I went to landlord got extra key (to be copied {see above lol}) but they were non-commital on giving me a bolt cutter that I could cut through the lock on my locker.. so I went out and bought one (20.00 friggin bucks down the tubes).. went to locker.. and started working on the lock... oh man it was tough..thought I was making progress and voila.. locker opened.. well bonehead me didn't cut through the lock.. but did manage to break the latch lol... ..

So I'm going to buy a new one and as I leave..gonna hand it to them and say.. (on the advice of a friend lol) Here, you might need this...

On a sad note a friend of mine from pogo passed away this past weekend.. they say it was a heart attack.. he was only around 41..which btw is MY AGE!!! So sad.. I'll miss him, and his sense of humour!!

Rest in peace Dark!!!

I'm trying not to be stressed about this move.. I think I'm a combo of being nervous, stressed and excited.. I wonder if I'll even sleep Friday night!!

Speaking of sleep I better get to bed.. I'm really trying to go to bed early these days.. tired of being tired cause I go to bed late and wake up early for work (5:15 am)

Doubt I'll get another chance to write till after my move. Course will you really miss my rambling posts?? heheh


Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Just found out today, that no matter what the condition of floors.. I won't have to pay if it needs to be replaced!!! Wahoooooooo one less thing off my mind.. and now this frees up more time for me for packing etc...

OMG..what a load off!! Inspection is tomorrow, so I'll find out if I have to pay anything (broken appliances..to my knowledge they're working fine (fridge and stove/oven) Though I've never used the oven in the 10 1/2 years I've lived here so who knows if it even EVER worked...oh wait.. I baked cookies once... and it worked! yea!)

Ok just taking a break from 'accomplishing' back later hopefully.. to post more!!


Hopefully the REAL 'first one'

Now, should I just write what's on my mind right now... or write an introductory type entry... Eh... I'll just dive right in I think

I am moving in less then two weeks... and today I hired a mover... so that's one less thing to worry about... I made such an idiot of myself on the phone today... He was recommended to me by my boss at work.. He works where I do, but moonlights as a mover I think... anyways we emailed back and forth.. My dad wanted to talk to him before committing... make sure he was on up and up, double check pricing etc.. so I gave him the phone number... Anyhoo at 8 pm my dad calls me.. he hadn't called yet... so I told him I would email him tomorrow.. about half an hour later my phone rings.. I pick it up..and this guy asks for my dad and I just KNEW what I had done... like an idiot I had given him MY phone number instead of my parents... OY

Oh well he still took the job heheh.. I'm starting to get really stressed about what I have to do before my move.. the bathroom floor is going to kill me I swear... Years ago I had put down tile in there... and did a fairly poor job at it... so I couldn't leave it like it was (trust me.. it was bad).. so I lifted the tiles.. now I'm trying to get the sticky residue stuff that stayed behind off...I'm telling you this is not a happy experience..and I just pray that when I'm finally done it'll pass muster during the inspection thingy...I've purchased every single cleaning solution known to man. if anyone reading this knows of an easy way to do this I would be forever in their debt!!!! Then there's the floor in the kitchen...I have a big stain from a bag being wet and me not realizing it.. nice big purple stain left behind..thankfully magic eraser is taking care of it, but it's going to be a slow job lol...

The only good thing is.. I have made myself an agenda for what I'm doing each day, cleaning, packing, throwing out, delivering to places (goodwill, Senior's home etc) and so far am sticking to it, so still optimistic that things will work out... :)

Ok changed my mind a bit... I wrote what was on my mind just now.. but I'll also make this a bit introductory..

A few things...

I am Canadian and I say 'eh' a lot.. yea I know typical stereotype...
I also say Oy a lot ....
I like to jump from one subject to another (this post is a perfect example)..

Ok now I'm going to go play around and see if I can get this blog looking half decent :)

Monday, September 05, 2005

Well Here it is...

My first one..

A friends blog, inspired me to start my own. Hope I can write as well as she does with the writing..

I'm really tired right now, so I think I'll call it a night and do my first one..tomorrow :)

ps. will fix this all up with links and pics tomorrow too!